Classics Refresher Spray 100ml




The new ‘multi-purpose’ product for women, men and teens. Moisturising spray with encapsulated glacier water fulfils your wish for freshness throughout the day.

  • pH‐value : 6.5—7.5
  • Appearance : Slightly yellowish liquid
  • Packaging : 100 ml alu atomizer with a folding box
  • Skin type : For all skin types


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A really useful modern skin care aid for every woman and every man, including teenagers. Supplies cooling, mineral moisturizing refreshment in summer and an instant relief from tired and thirsty skin in winter in heated rooms. You can also use mornings and evenings as an intensifying moisturizer and mineral supplier by itself or under your usual Mila d’Opiz day or night care. During the day it can be used over make-up.


  • Encapsulated pure Swiss glacier water refreshes the skin, rejuvenates and vitalises thanks to the exclusive perfuming with citrus elements
  • Moisturising
  • Remineralises and refreshes the skin
  • A “quick thirst‐quencher” for warm skin
  • Can be sprayed over make‐up
  • Ideal moisturiser for the face in air‐conditioned rooms
  • Cools and refreshes on hot days; also suitable for travelling (100 ml)
  • “Moisturising boost” for men, ideal after shaving

Spray Refresher Spray over the face as desired. Thanks to the micro fine distribution, the Refresher Spray can also be sprayed over make-up. For the best effect, spray Refresher Spray to the face, and the hair if desired, from a distance of approx. 20 cm.


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